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Heat Dissipation

Heat Dissipation

High thermal conductivity

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Product name TB2955 TB1225B TB2270C
Main component Silyl-based special polymer Silicone resin Epoxy resin
Appearance Gray White Gray
Viscosity (Pa·S) 300 18.0 65.0
Tack-free time 72 hours or less 5 minutes  
Curing conditions - 7 days under 23±2°C×50%RH 100°C×40minutes, etc.
Thermal conductivity<W/m·K> 3 1.59 0.93
Special remarks

·Fee of low molecular siloxane
·Dielectric breakdown strength 1.5×104kV/m
Volume resistivity  6.4×1010Ω·m

·Low molecular siloxane 10ppm or less
·Dielectric breakdown strength 2.0×104kV/m
·Volume resistivity  2×1014Ω·m
·Shear strength (Iron)  21.6MPa
·Glass transition temperature  140°C
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* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


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