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Product Introduction

Product Introduction Transportation Electrical and Electronics Market: Black Pigmented UV Curing Resin that made thick film curing possible and developed flexible customization ThreeBond3020B

Thick Film Curing is Made Possible by Unconventional Technology Using Black Pigmented UV Curing Resin

In recent years, there has been an increased demand in customization of portable devices and electrical home appliances. For that reason, black pigmented UV-curable resin is needed for coating exterior of electrical parts.
In producing UV-curable resin, the takt time is short in various fields which results in high productivity. For that reason, it is used in various components. However, black pigmented UV-curing resin blocks light so deep curing becomes impractical. Therefore the product could not be applied to the black parts for customization in terms of reliability.
Now, ThreeBond has developed Black pigmented UV-curable resin, ThreeBond3020B using unconventional technology where thick film curing is possible.
ThreeBond3020B is highly reliable because of its strong bond with surfaces such as plastic and various metals.

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“It makes flexible customization and formation of
complex shapes out of metals and plastic possible.”

Normally, black pigmented UV-curable resin is incapable of deep curing because it blocks light, however, with unconventional technology deep curing and application of black pigment is made possible.
ThreeBond3020B is liquid form; making formation of complex shapes out of metal and plastic possible. For example, it can be used for parts with different thicknesses on one base material. Therefore, it is an epoch-making UV-curable resin with hidden possibilities for various applications such as exterior of electronic equipment which is required to have various shapes and designs.



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Black UV-curable resin excellent in deep curing made possible by dividing curing reaction and blackening reaction

Fig. 1: Curing / blackening reaction
Fig. 2: Thick film curablity

Deep curability decreases in UV-curable resin when there is a color since deep curing starts after it’s been exposed to UV. Deep curability becomes extremely low since the black parts blocks UV in particular.
Conventionally, light curing of black pigmented resin was possible with dual cure using light and heat. However, depending on the line of product, it could not be used because after curing process with heat curing was needed.
For our newly,ThreeBond 3020B, the blackening starts slower compared with the curing reaction. The product has a clear liquid form before curing which is excellent for deep curing and after it has been deep cured, it forms a black pigmented material.
By adjusting illuminance and irradiation time it is possible to perform deep curability with more options.

“Black pigmented UV-curable resin was once curable only for thin films. ThreeBond 3020B has strong deep curability so we expect it to be utilized in wide variety of things.”(H.Matsuoka)

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Controlling the Change in Blackness Under Various Environments

Fig. 3: change in transmittance after environmental test

By adjusting illuminance and irradiation time it is possible to control the deep curability and the blackness. The degree of blackness in this resin is an important factor.
By using an unconventional technology, controlling the change in blackness under various environment and keeping highly pigmented black for a long time are made possible.

“Customization in portable devices and electronical devices plays a large role in gaining consumer interest. High demand in customizable adhesive is expected even more in the future.” (H.Matsuoka)

Fig. 4: Adhesive Strength to Various Materials

In addition, latest electronic devices are made of a variety of materials to reduce weight and miniaturize the size. ThreeBond 3020B is capable of creating a strong bond with a variety of metals and plastic as well as the feature of black pigmentation. (Figure 3)
Because it is resistant to heat, water, and moisture and UV curable, it could be applied to non-heat resistance materials. For that reason, the product is open to expansion to different fields as it could be offered to a wide variety of market.

“ThreeBond 3020B is an excellent adhesive to work with various materials as it performs time and energy efficient curing to cut manufacturing cost and to shorten the takt time. It is not only customizable, but also could be offered to a wide variety of market. We will continue to develop resins to satisfy the market needs as we expect a high demand in compatible resins that is believed to be hard to execute.” (H.Matsuoka)

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