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Product Introduction

Product Introduction Transportation Equipment Market: ECU Gaskets with a Highly Increased Curing Speed to Reduce Processing Time ThreeBond3081J

The highly-increased curing speed can reduce processing time and make improvements of the degree of freedom of the ECU gasket design possible.

Since launching liquid gaskets in 1955, ThreeBond has been marketing various sealing materials and adhesives throughout the world based on its unique technologies and know-how.
In recent years, it has focused on the development of sealing agents for automobile electric components and developed CIPG (Cured-in-Place Gasket) materials which can show a stable sealing performance in a short time.
These materials can be applied to any kind of work by using a dispenser in place of conventional solid packing. They are also repairable, so the process control can be improved.
ThreeBond 3081J, a UV-CIPG material developed based on our most advanced technologies, is introduced below.

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We make cost reduction and the improvement of the degree of freedom of design of gaskets for ECU possible.

Gaskets are used for various purposes in the automobile and electrical and electronics markets to seal equipment from various fluids and particles, such as lubrication oil, hydraulic oil, water, and dust.

Gaskets can be roughly classified into solid gaskets and liquid gaskets according to their features.

Solid gaskets, such as O-rings and packing, have been widely used, but we are developing and marketing FIPG (Formed-in-Place Gasket) materials as alternatives to the conventional ones.


Nao Arita

Transportation Development Section, Development Department, Research and Development Division

Improvement of the degree of freedom and cost reduction in the design of ECU gaskets made possible

Table 1 Comparison of Gasket Techniques

It is said that more than 100 ECUs (electronic control units) are mounted on one car depending on the model.

General solid gaskets have different shapes for the ECUs to be mounted on. First, the dies for them must be produced.

The greatest advantage of the FIPG method is that dies are not required and a gasket suitable to any kind of work can be formed simply by changing the application pattern of the application equipment. (Table 1)

"Because one sealing agent can be used as a liquid gasket for various kinds of work, it can improve the degree of freedom of design and contribute toward comprehensive cost reduction." (Arita)

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Highly Increased Curing Speed is Made Possible by the Use of UV-Curing Resin.

Fig. 1 Example of application of CIPG material for ECU, ThreeBond 3081J

There are various types of liquid gaskets; for example, cold-curing types and heat-curing types.
However, both these types have a potential problem in that they take time to cure completely. Therefore, materials which can cure within a shorter time and maintain a stable sealing function for a long time have been required.
To solve this problem, we decided to use a UV-curing resin which can cure in seconds. Then, utilizing the technologies and experience we accumulated in the development of FIPG materials, we have developed and proposed the UV-CIPG method in which the liquid gasket is cured immediately after it is applied to a flange surface and the part is mounted. (Fig. 1)

"Although CIPG materials can be cured by various methods, the use of the UV-curing resin, which has a highly increased curing speed, can greatly reduce the line tact time." (Arita)

Fig. 2 ThreeBond3081J

Gaskets for ECU are required to have high quality reliability under severe working environments (heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance). Our gaskets satisfy such high standards for reliability and greatly reduce the line tact time.
We have launched a new UV-CIPG material for ECU, ThreeBond 3081J (Fig. 2).

"The greatest advantage of the UV-CIPG method is the quick curing. However, the function requirements for gaskets cannot be met only by this ability, so approaches from various viewpoints were required for development." (Arita)

ThreeBond 3081J has rubber-like properties and excellent durability against permanent compression deformation under severe temperature environments from -40°C to 120°C. It also has properties necessary for ECU gaskets.
It is repairable, it can be removed more easily compared to the conventional FIPG method, and its parts can be replaced.

"At present, the product is designed for ECUs. However, we will improve its thermal resistance and durability and bring it to various markets as a new concept, next generation gasket which can meet customer needs, thus creating a new value and greatly contributing to the constantly growing industry." (Arita)

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