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Product Introduction

Product Introduction Silicone-based conductive adhesive for the world’s smallest   crystal units ThreeBond3304J

Conductive adhesive suitable for versatile minute-amount application for rapid responsiveness to market needs

Crystal units are an integral part of electronic devices that are becoming more prevalent in our lives, from wearable technology such as smartphones and smartwatches to those found in automobiles and medical equipment. They play an important role in the accurate control of electronic devices by converting the vibration caused when an electrical current is applied to crystal into electrical signals.

As electronic devices have become more miniaturized in response to market needs in recent years, crystal units have also become smaller. At present, the smallest crystal units are 1.0 mm x 0.8 mm and sizes are expected to decrease further in the future.

ThreeBond’s existing line of products included highly-versatile conductive adhesives; however, we have developed conductive adhesives that can be applied in minute amounts to support even smaller devices.

* According to research by ThreeBond, as of March 2020

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Adhesive that can be applied to 1.0 mm x 0.8 mm miniaturized crystal units

We have developed a conductive adhesive for SMD crystal units with the same bond strength and elastic modulus as ThreeBond 3303G (NEO), ThreeBond’s most versatile adhesive, that can be implied in minute amounts. High precision application is now possible on crystal units in the 1.6 mm x 1.2 mm to 1.0 mm x 0.8 mm size range.

With regards to spreadability, it has been confirmed to have excellent stability without nozzle clogging, and it is a product that will continue to meet the needs of the crystal devices field in the future.


Takashi Suzuki

R&D Group
Product Development Division Ⅱ
Functional Material Development Department

Bond strength and elastic modulus equivalent to the existing general-purpose ThreeBond 3303G (NEO)

Fig. 1 Properties and physical characteristics of ThreeBond 3304J

In previous designs, allowing for the application of minute amounts meant a reduction in bond strength.

With the newly-developed ThreeBond 3304J, the filler has been completely redesigned and optimized to achieve both minute-amount application and bond strength.

“The design allows for the application of minute amounts while maintaining the high bond strength of the general-purpose ThreeBond 3303G (NEO). We expect it to be applied to a wide range of sizes of miniaturized crystal units.”(Takashi Suzuki)

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Ultra high precision minute-amount application

Fig. 2 ThreeBond 3304J application test results

Ø100 μm application is assumed for 1.0 mm x 0.8 mm crystal units. Discharge performance and coating stability have been confirmed through application tests.

With ThreeBond 3304J, the size of the contained filler has been controlled in order to avoid clogging the minute nozzles that are indispensable for the application of minute amounts.

“It is essential to consider the size of the nozzle used when trying to achieve minute-amount application. The application diameter depends on the outer diameter of the nozzle. When applying to an area of Ø100 μm, the outer diameter of the nozzle must be set to Ø100 μm or smaller. As the inner diameter of the nozzle with an outer diameter of Ø100 μm is about Ø50 μm, the size of the filler contained in the adhesive is controlled with high precision. In the above data, application tests were conducted with an objective diameter of Ø100 μm. However, tests at Ø80 μm were also conducted, based on the expectation that crystal units would be even smaller at 0.8 mm x 0.6 mm. These tests confirmed that similar precision in application could be achieved.”(Takashi Suzuki)

Advances in carrier aggregation technology have made smartphones and tablets indispensable in everyday life. In 2020, the spread of 5G communication networks will increase the diversity of the devices connected to networks, and even greater convenience will be required by consumers to meet their needs.

Enabling minute-amount application contributes to the miniaturization of these electronic devices and improves convenience.

"Smaller and thinner internal components are crucial in order to improve the performance and functionality of electronic devices. We hope that ThreeBond 3304J will provide greater convenience for a more prosperous society.”(Takashi Suzuki)

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