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Product Introduction

Product Introduction Transportation Equipment Market: New Room-temperature Rapid-curing Two-component Acrylic Elastic Adhesive with High Durability and Low Elasticity ThreeBond3955

We have developed a two-component acrylic elastic adhesive that sets at room temperature to meet the needs of the market of conserving resources and energy.

In recent years, manufacturing industries, including the automotive and electric / electronics industries, have come to employ product development that takes into consideration environmental issues such as global warming and energy problems.
For example, development of environmentally friendly vehicles such as hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles is attracting particular attention in the transportation marketplace.
Compared with previous vehicles, environmentally friendly vehicles have characteristics such as good mileage, low CO2 emissions, etc. and are in increasing demand.
In order to meet future demands, automotive manufacturers require development that will lead to productivity improvements in addition to the improvement of vehicle performance.
Also, approaches that give consideration to the environment, such as resource conservation and energy conservation in production processes, are in demand.
In order to meet the needs of the marketplace, ThreeBond has developed "ThreeBond3955," a two-component acrylic elastic adhesive that sets at room temperature.

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"With both high durability and low elasticity, we expect it to expand into a wide range of applications."

ThreeBond3955 can set at room temperature by mixing the main component and the hardener in a prescribed ratio. As a result, there is no need for curing equipment such as ovens, ultraviolet irradiation apparatuses, etc.
Furthermore, because the main component of ThreeBond3955 is an acrylic, it sets quickly, which can improve productivity. In addition, using an acrylic rubber polymer creates a resin that has both high durability and low elasticity that can be expected to expand into a wide range of applications.


Yusuke Kuwahara

Transportation Market Department,
Product Development Division Ⅰ
R & D Group

High durability and low elasticity

Fig. 1: ThreeBond3955 durability test

Bonding magnets in high-torque motors used in hybrid and electric vehicles requires an adhesive with resistance to high temperature environments and high levels of vibration. Generally, the two-component hardening acrylic adhesive known as SGA has a rapid curing rate, but its low durability and flexibility have always been an issue.
ThreeBond3955 overcomes this issue.

"By using an acrylic rubber polymer as its main component, ThreeBond3955 exhibits oil resistance, sufficient heat resistance exceeding 120ºC, and high flexibility which allows the resin to be folded (Fig. 1). It can be used for binding motor magnets, as well as the periphery of the engine and the area around the battery etc., responding to a wide range of needs." (Kuwahara)

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Elimination of heat sources and improvement of productivity with rapid curing at room temperature

Fig. 2: ThreeBond3955 curing speed
 (shear bond strength)

A single component curing type requires an energy source such as heat, UV, etc. for thermal curing or UV curing, or time for moisture curing. On the other hand, a two-component curing type sets and operates at room temperature thanks to the combination of the main component and the hardener.

"With its room temperature curing and rapid curing properties, ThreeBond3955 eliminates the need for a heat source in the manufacturing process and contributes to improved production efficiency (Fig. 2). In addition, it exhibits good usability because its work life is designed at about 5 minutes before it starts to harden." (Kuwahara)

After hardening, ThreeBond3955 has a flexibility that allows it to be folded without breaking. This elasticity enables it to be used in high vibration environments and to adhere to different types of materials whose linear expansion coefficients differ (Fig. 3).

"ThreeBond3955 is an adhesive that provides high durability, low elasticity, and rapid curing at room temperature, which previous acrylic resins did not have. This product can meet a wide range of needs and purposes. We have established a designing technology of work life, which has been difficult in the past, to achieve both rapid room temperature curing and appropriate pot life, so that it can be used in a variety of processes. However, we still receive many requests, and responding to them remains to be a big challenge for us. We will continue to develop products that can support the ever-evolving marketplace." (Kuwahara)

  • Fig. 3: Flexibility of cured ThreeBond3955
  • Application Equipment for ThreeBond3955

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