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1100 series

1100 series

Applicator for liquid gasket.

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Simplified applicator

Tank for tube Controller for tank (Mini-coater CIV)

Applicable form:Tube
The discharge amount is adjusted by discharge time and tank pressure.

Tank for 1kg can(PT-01) Pen-type manual on-off valve (Pencil gun)

Applicable form:1kg can
This is an application unit for applying materials with low viscosity. The material is discharged by squeezing the gun lever.

Automatic applicator

Tank for 1kg can(PT-01) Needle-type automatic on-off valve(SVR-S) Controller for the pressure-feeding portion (Coater sIII) Table-top orthogonal 3-axis robot(TRC-120N)

Applicable form:1kg can
It pressure-feeds materials from the tank and discharge them by controlling the on-off valve of the nozzle portion. By combining a robot and an application unit, the correct amount can be applied to the programmed location.

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