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ThreeBond Sports Support


As ThreeBond Racing we have participated in the Japanese Formula 3 Championship since 2000, using an engine that we developed in-house. In 2011 we achieved our best performance so far by coming first in the team rankings. We shifted the focus of our activities to Europe in 2012, and in the Macao Grand Prix we placed third in 2014. From 2017 we will return our focus to Japan and aim to be crowned champion.

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We sponsor Tze-Chung Chen, a longtime pro golfer active since 1985, and Jiyai Shin, who ranked 2nd in terms of prize money in 2018, and from this year we also sponsor Ayano Yasuda and Naruha Miyata. Tze-Chung Chen, with his excellent technique and mental strength, is active in the World Tour, and Jiyai Shin is aiming to fulfill her long-cherished goal of being the money-list winner on the Japan LPGA Tour. In addition, the two promising young players are also aiming for their first tour win.

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Ever since our rubber baseball club was established in 1977, we have always performed well enough to be amongst the prize winners. Our glittering track record includes second place in the 2013 Emperor’s Cup, and victories two years running in the 2015 and 2016 Koryukitaikai and Mitoshichokitaikai . We are aiming to win the coveted Emperor’s Cup and be crowned champions at the National Sports Festival.

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