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Introducing ThreeBond`s high performance, original technology products.

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Product Introduction

Developers will explain the features of the product.

  • ECU Gasket with a Highly Increased Curing Speed to Reduce Processing Time
  • New Room-temperature Rapid-curing Two-component Acrylic Elastic Adhesive with High Durability and Low Elasticity
  • High-Specification Underfill Agents with Thermal Resistance and Shock Resistance
  • Light-curing sealant for dye-sensitized solar cells developed by molecular design and formulation technologies
  • Black Pigmented UV Curing Resin that made thick film curing possible and developed flexible customization
  • Electrical and Electronics Silicone-based conductive adhesive for the world’s smallest crystal units
  • Worlds' First Instant Adhesive with Light-Curing Properties Made Possible by Our Uniquely Developed Technology
  • Single component, low temperature and rapid curing type elastic adhesive using  plant-derived ‘castor oil’ ThreeBond1539
  • ISO 10993-Compliant (biological evaluation of medical devices) Highly Functional UV-Curing Resin
  • Long-Term Anti-Corrosion Undercoating Agents for Car Bodies which Excel in Rust-Preventing Performance
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ThreeBond Technical Information

  • Technical News Introduction of ThreeBond technology
  • Latest Information on Technology and Material Introduction of the latest ThreeBond technology by keyword
  • Seminars on Adhesives An easy-to-understand introduction of adhesives, such as how adhesives work