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Environmental Response

Environmental Response

Water-based products and products free of specific chemical substances

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Product name TB2358 TB2448 TB2365B TB2468
Main component Fluorocarbon resin Epoxy resins Nylon resin Acrylate
Appearance White Blue Green Red
Breakaway torque (N·m)
M10 Tightening 30N·m
- 47 or more - 34~35
Standard curing conditions - 25°C×24 hours - 25°C×24 hours
Thermal-resistant lock - 150 - 100
Heat-resistant seal - 170 - 170
Special remarks Pre-coated bolt
Water-based sealock

·Excellent heat-resistant seal
·Excellent chemical resistance
·Excellent seal between different materials
Pre-coated bolt
Water-based high strength type epoxy MEC

·Locking type
Pre-coated bolt
Water-based sealock

·Other colors are available (TB2365C)

Pre-coated bolt
Water-based, medium strength type acrylic MEC
·Locking type
·High axial force type
·Different strength available.(TB2458、TB2478)

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* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


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