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Product Introduction

Product Introduction ISO 10993-Compliant(biological evaluation of medical devices) Highly Functional UV Curing Resin ThreeBond3094

Safe and secure UV-curing resin that is LED-curable and exhibits excellent deep-area curing performance

In recent years, demand for kits and other products that enrich medical services, reduce medical facility labor, properly manage inventory and otherwise provide on-site support continues to expand.There has been a massive increase in the manufacture of disposable products such as injection needles and catheter tubes, and along with these, there has been a shift toward using UV-curing resin where bonding had once been done by caulking or welding.ThreeBond has developed ThreeBond 3094, a UV-curing resin which is ISO 10993-compliant and bonds to a variety of metals and plastics to meet these on-site needs and support improvements to production required for medical devices.

Recommended Applications

  • Bonding and securing injection, blood collection and winged infusion needles to their bases (hubs).
  • Bonding and securing joint parts for medical adapters, connectors, infusion sets and catheters.

※TB3094 is a product conforming to ISO 10993 in our conventional "UV curable resin". Safety has been verified by evaluating cytotoxicity, sensitization, skin irritation, intracutaneous reactivity, acute systemic toxicity and subacute toxicity.

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““Using UV-curing resin realizes improved productivity”

UV-curing resin features instant curing via UV ray exposure, making it excellent for mass production. Utilizing this characteristic improves productivity, leading to use in a wide range of fields.
While study is just beginning on UV-curable resins needed to respond to increased production of disposable products for the medical industry, we are pleased to offer ThreeBond 3094, a resin for use with disposable medical products required for safety and security.



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A safe and secure ISO 10993-compliant adhesive

Biological safety evaluation assessment items

ThreeBond 3094 was designed for safety, lowering risk such as skin irritation. This safety is coupled with outstanding performance, such as powerful adhesion to a variety of materials.Safety performance has been favorably evaluated by a third party, certifying ISO 10993 compliance in terms of cytotoxicity, sensitization, skin irritation, etc.

ThreeBond 3094’s ISO 10993 compliance ensures it can be confidently used with disposable medical products. (Koezuka)

  • *For applications requiring data on progenicity, implantation and hemocompatibility, please use after verifying by yourself.
  • *Please refrain from using TB3094 for applications corresponding to Class Ⅳof the Pharmaceutical Affairs Low, or for applications that come into contact with blood, bone and tissue for a long time.

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Realization of adhesive performance unaffected by light source

Lap shear strength of TB3094 to various material

ThreeBond3094 is curable via LED lamp to support expanding LED lamp use among customers using UV-curing resins in recent years. Adhesive strength is equivalent to that demonstrated by curing via conventional high-pressure mercury lamps.High adhesive performance with various metals and plastics enables use with a wide variety of materials.

Bonds plastics to each other as well as a variety of dissimilar materials, such as plastics to metal, for use in a wide range of applications. (Koezuka)

Use of products containing bisphenol A in the medical device field is restricted in some parts of Europe and America.We respond quickly to such movements and now conduct product development that is expressly bisphenol-free.
We will continue to expand our ISO 10993 lineup and develop products that a wide range of customers can use with confidence.

Moving forward, we will continue to develop resin that stays true to our motto, “safety and security”. (Koezuka)

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