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1200 series (Silicone-based liquid adhesives and seals, potting agents)

1200 series (Silicone-based liquid adhesives and seals, potting agents)

Once cured, it forms a rubber elastic body, and it has excellent vibration absorption property as well as shock- and heat- resistance.

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Product name Features and Uses Appearance Viscosity (Pa·S) Shearing strength (MPa) Download SDS/technical information
TB1220G Seals / Adhesives for electric use Milky white 65 1.2 (Iron/Iron) To Information Selection Page
TB1222C Non-flammable grade UL94 V-0 certifid product Gray - 1.0 (Aluminum/Aluminum) To Information Selection Page
TB1225C For heat dissipation Gray 70 1.1 (Aluminum/Aluminum) To Information Selection Page
TB1226 Electric, electric components seal Gray 97 2.8 (Aluminum/Aluminum) To Information Selection Page
TB1230G Two component seal, flame retardant, potting Base agent: Black/Hardener: White Base agent: 9/Hardener: 1.2; 3.2 at the time of mixing 1.3 (Aluminum/Aluminum) To Information Selection Page
TB1230H Low amount of low molecular siloxane content, gel Base agent: Colorless/Hardener: Colorless Base agent: 0.4/Hardener: 0.4; 0.5 at the time of mixing - To Information Selection Page

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.
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