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3300 series(Electroconductive resins)

3300 series(Electroconductive resins)

This product is an electroconductive resin made up of a synthetic resin and a conductive filler. It is used to connect various electric contacts and for conduction.

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Product name Features and Uses Viscosity (Pa·S) Volume resistivity (Ω·m) Download SDS/technical information
TB3303G(NEO) Silicone-based, soft, heart resistant, good adhesion to gold and silver electrodes 40 2.5×10-6 To Information Selection Page
TB3304J Silicone-based, Extra ultra micro dispensing,soft, heart resistant, good adhesion to gold and silver electrodes 80 7.6 ×10-6  
TB3331D Low temperature fast curing type 25 0.5 ×10-5 To Information Selection Page
TB3351C Elastomer type, Nickel filler / low viscosity 3 8.0×10-5 To Information Selection Page

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.
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