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Product Information by Series

Introduction of ThreeBond products 1100 – 9900 by series

Directions for Use of Products

Product Safety Guide


1100,1300 series

(Liquid gaskets)

1200 series

(Silicone-based liquid gaskets)

2300 series

(Threelock and sealock processes to prevent leaks and loosening of threads)

4100,5200 series

(Sealants for construction)


1200 series

(Silicone-based liquid adhesives and seals, potting agents)

1300 series

(Anaerobic high-strength sealants)

1400 series

(Agents to prevent screws from loosening, leaking and rusting)

1500 series

(Industrial adhesives / Single component, moisture-curable elastic adhesives)

1600 series

(Functional sheet adhesives)

1700 series

(Instant adhesives)

7700 series

(Gold Label instant adhesives)

2000,2100,2080,2200 series

(Epoxy resins series)

2400 series

(Pre-coating of nuts and bolts to prevent screws from loosening and leaking)

2900 series

(Electronic parts protecting-agents/heat dissipating resins)

3000,3100 series

(UV curable resins)

3300 series

(Electroconductive resins)

3370 series

(Anisotropic conductive paste)

3700 series

(Heat-resistant, inorganic adhesives)

3900 series

(Structural adhesives / High peeling strength, impact-resistant, two component elastic adhesives)


1800 series

(Rust-inhibitors and lubricants)

1900 series

(Molybdenum, sticking-prevention lubricants)

2500 series

(Contact-point rejuvenators)

2700 series

(Industrial parts cleaners)

2800 series

(Dilution solvents)

5900 series

(Hand soaps)

6700 series

(Wet-wipes / Deodorizer )

6900 series

(Industrial paper wipes / Double-sided tapes )

9900 series

(Wiping cloths / Moisture-absorbing, drying agents)

Auto Aftermarket

6100 series

(Automobile chassis coating agents )

6600 series

(Cleaner for brakes and parts)

*Auto aftermarket and applicators for automation equipment may differ depending on location.

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